Reflections on 2021 December 30, 2021 11:42

So it seems this is becoming simply an annual blog post.  Maybe my New Years resolution for 2022 will be to post more often......

This second pandemic year had its fair share of ups and downs.  Jennifer and I both started 2021 by getting Covid 19.  It was a terrible, pre-vaccine slog through the worst and longest illness I have ever had.  12 moths later we both have some lingering symptoms, though they are fortunately very mild.  

Going Gnome has had a great year, over the course of which we released over a dozen new kits! We are currently working on getting the final touches done on our upcoming garden club that releases Jan 1 - nothing like leaving things till the last minute! But if you know nothing else about us by now, surely you know how much we seem to thrive under pressure.

A highlight for 2021 was making Fawkes the Phoenix right before Rhinebeck.  This was such a fun project for us, again a mad dash under a ridiculous self imposed time line, but we got her done! I will include some of the process photos here in case you missed it on our Instagram story.  

Here's to hoping I have something to say before 2022 :)

Phoenix process: 

Step 1 - deconstruction and planning


Step 2: Wings


Step 3: obssess over whether it will work and if you can meet the self imposed deadline


Step 4: time to tackle the head, talons, and feathers!



Step 5: I think we're gonna make it!

We had found this really cool wrought iron antique lamp stand just for this project which allowed us to build her around it.  We built a 1/2" PVC pipe into her body that could slide onto the stand and allow her to rest on the "perch"and be so large but stand and be stable.  It was a perfect display piece for her, purchased while she was still in the conceptual phase.  

And she's complete! 

This beauty was one of the best projects we have ever made.  She has flown to her new home and we know she will be happy and cared for there! 

2020 September 10, 2020 15:34 1 Comment

Wow what a year it has been! All of our chances to see you, our beloved felters and comrades in fiber, have been cancelled.  Coronavirus is running through our communities relatively unchecked by our leaders.  Us white people seem to be having (hopefully) a collective awakening to the racist reality in our country that we have long turned a blind eye to.  Though tragically it has taken the lives of untold Black Americans to get us to this moment. And we are staring down the barrel of an election that very well may prove exactly what kind of country we are headed towards, and who it does  and does not care about.  There are a lot of reasons to despair, to feel helpless, to be depressed.  We spent months separated from family and friends - many of us out of work, unable to be out in the world.  I don't know about you but it was a mental and emotional test that I am still reeling from.  So here we are in the fall of these turbulent times, and trying to find ways to look ahead to an un-plannable future.  

On top of everything else it has been a trying time for Going Gnome with appendix and tooth extractions, not being able to work with one another, and having to pivot and reframe our business as we know it.  Jen and I would like to say from the bottom of our hearts - thank you so much to everyone who has reached out, said hello, purchased kits and figures, and stayed connected to us during these hard times.  Your support means the world to us!

Here at Going Gnome things have changed a lot! Without shows to attend our felting has become fairly non-existent.  We did release a special edition Maryland Gnome and our first Mystery Kit Club - which I think has been a success! Here's a peek at kits 1 and 2 of the club (Harp Seal and Mini Yeti).  

The usual fall anticipation, nervousness, and excitement for our busy season has taken hold of us and the gnomes, despite all of our in person shows being cancelled.  After careful consideration we have decided to retire some of our kits.  One thing that Coronavirus has provided, besides a deep inability to focus, is a boon of fun and cool ideas for new kits! So Going Gnome is pivoting away from the production of felted figures (our arms, hands, and backs are soooo grateful for this change) and focusing our creativity and energy on bringing you more new kits more frequently! We intend to keep our permanent line of kits around 20 to allow for new kits to flow in and out of it, as well as to be able to offer special clubs, limited editions, and special designs.  Hopefully you will love these changes! Keep an eye here for new items posting in October!! Check out our collection of 2020 retirees and grab them before they are gone! 

So for now I will leave you with a taste of how we spent our time in quarantine.  We had a weekly Saturday challenge and family members submitted pictures or videos.  It was a fun way to feel connected even thought we were physically separated.  
Enjoy and stay healthy!

The color challenge:


Recreate a childhood photo:


Recreate an album cover:







New kits for 2020! November 15, 2019 16:36 1 Comment

Our new kits for this year have just been released, and wow! They are selling like hotcakes!! We thought this years additions, and limited edition kits were a good batch, but had no idea they would be this popular! 

What we are working on and have made..... November 29, 2018 12:01 1 Comment

what we've been up to......

Making a Felted Dragon! September 17, 2015 11:13 7 Comments

Some of our most frequently asked questions are about felted dragons. “How long did that dragon take to make?” “Did you use a pattern?” “Do you have a dragon kit?” “Are you going to have a dragon kit?” Since the answers to these questions are always the same: a long time, no, no, and probably not – I documented the last dragon I made in photos so, for those of you that are feeling ambitious and brave and want to try making one of your own you can see the steps I used to make one.
There are a lot of steps and pieces to making up a dragon. I usually decide on a color or range of colors I want to work with. (One dragon I made was completely designed around this vintage pair of buttons that I wanted to use for eyes.) The next thing I think about it size – how big do I want the dragon, and where might I want to display it. We often create dragons as part of our gnome environment. This dragon was designed to sit perched on top of our display tree. I wanted him to be lurking over the gnomes in a threatening way. I also wanted to make a completely different face style then I had ever made before. If you felt a lot you start to make things that all look alike. It can be difficult to breakout of the comfort zone a branch out. This had happened to me with my dragons, so I was determined to think outside the box for this one.
After I’ve decided what color my dragon is going to be, and how I want to display him (or where) I start look at “dragons” on  Google images for inspiration pictures. I’m looking for interesting head shapes, leg positions, and body positions. Here are some of the images I used for this dragon:



 Once I have a general concept, I begin with a foam coated wire the length of the dragon from snout to tail. This guy is about 3.5’ long. I start covering that with an un-dyed batting (no reason to have the more expensive dyed wool all the way through) I wrap the wool around the wire and felt as I go. This process is a little tedious. You can’t really work fast because if the needles hit the wire they break. This is one of the reasons we avoid working with armature as much as possible! I continue this wrap and felt process until I have a snake that’s about 2” in diameter. I knew I wanted this guy’s tail to wrap around the tree display that he would be perched on, so I felted this curvature into his tail right from the beginning.  

                     Beginning the wrapping and felting process.....

In this picture you can see that I am starting to add bulk around the belly area.  You can also see the colors I am planning to use there on the table.


One thing that I did on this dragon that I had never done before was to make the head as a completely separate piece.  Jen and I do so much felting that we have to really watch out for physical stress and strain from it.  When you are trying to sculpt and so fine detail (like eyes) It is cumbersome to be holding and turning the entire piece.

 Once the body is felted and some shape has been set in, I start working on legs. Legs are a LOT of work! Feet, joints, toenails, and firmly felted enough to make the dragon stand! And there are 4 of them! Here are some pictures of the legs and feet in the works:

1. basic form                     2. attaching the pieces     3. covering with color

4.  Adding depth of color and talons! Don't forget there are 4 of these!

Once I finished the legs I had to attach them to the body. This is tricky and needs time and attention – for one thing you need a very strong attachment. You also want to make sure your dragon can stand firmly and be in the position you want. Lots to think about and lots of poking! I wanted to avoid this stage so I went ahead and made lots of spikes for decorating him later on.

Spikes, spikes, and more spike!!!!

When you can't avoid it any longer, go ahead and tackle that leg attachment!

Once the legs were attached it was on the fun part – the head! Once again I started with natural batting and planned to cover with color after I had the shape and size established. I put a foam cone in the neck and of the head to keep a hole that the neck could fit into when I was ready to put it all together. Dragon heads and faces are an amazing opportunity for getting creative and daring! As I said I wanted this head to look really different from past dragons. Keeping in mind I was going for fierce, and my dragons often turn out looking cute, I decided to make a pointed face and give him gold sharp looking eyes.


In these pictures you can also see the top and bottom eyelids that get attached around the eyes

One thing that often happens with dragons is that they take on their own look along the way. I often make parts that I don’t end up using later on because they just don’t suit the overall character. This neck piece I made looked great until I added the wings and then it just didn’t make sense. So….I ripped it off and voila he looked much better! Like I said they take on a life of their own.


One of the most difficult parts of any dragon is the wings.  You want them to be strong and durable, but also fine and ethereal.  Ethereal can be very difficult to achieve in needle felting.  I use wire across the top of the wings, I also build them as one piece.  This helps them be able to be built strongly into the body.  I used regular sheet felt for this set and felted batting into the felt for decoration.  Going with white for the wings was a total wild card - I did it because that's what I had and I didn't want to go to the fabric store ;)  I actually love the way they turned out!


Once the wings were felted – I used one long wire across the top of both wings leaving a gap in the middle for attaching the wings to the body. With this dragon, once I had the wings built I realized the front legs weren’t quite right and needed to be added too before the wings could be attached – you can see there are lots of changes and modifications that go into making a dragon, as they influence their own creation. I finally got the wings on and 30 spikes on his head and back and voila! Finally finished! I love how he turned out, and am looking forward to seeing him lording over our gnome display at our shows this season. Hope this helps and inspires you to start your own dragon…….

Instructional Video Realeses May 5, 2015 14:37

Our first instructional video (FELT IT! Make Mini Gnomes) was released on April 29, 2015!  We are very excited for the release of this video, and the 3 to follow in the next few months (Mushroom House, Owl Babies, and Sleeping Fox)  It's been great working with Interweave, they are also carrying our kits in their on line store!
The link for the mini gnome and mushroom house videos are here, and I will continue to add the other links as they are released. 
(The links for the videos can also be found on the corresponding felting kit page in our products catalog)

Felt it! Make Mini Gnomes 

Felt it! Make a Mushroom Dwelling

Please check them out and let us know what you think!

Also check out Anita's blog post about our new videos on Spinning Daily!
Gnome Blog

Mothers and their Babies April 20, 2015 00:00

Our wonderful mother died this past November. 
All through the coldest, longest, and darkest winter in recent memory,
all we could felt were mothers and their babies. 
Some of our best felting to date!



We miss you mom......


A felted chess Set April 13, 2015 00:00

As mentioned in the previous post we were invited to create an art piece for the gallery at Vogue Knitting Live in NYC.  We decided to create a felted chess set, with the pieces consisting of Gnomes (obviously) vs. Vikings. 

Viking King and Queen

Gnome King and Queen

We wanted the set to be larger than life so we chose to make it a 4ft. x 4ft. board with the pieces averaging around 12-14inches tall.  It was a challenge to create pieces that people would be able to recognize as their traditional counterparts. Mushrooms were an obvious choice for the pawns on the gnome side,  as were a gnome king and queen and viking king and queen.  Bishops presented a bit of a representation challenge, being settled with tree gnomes on the gnome side and howling wolves on the viking side.

Gnome Bishops

Viking Bishops

Viking dragon riders and gnome bear riders were fun to make for the knights. 


Viking Knights

Gnome Knights

The most frequently asked questions about building this felted chess set were: How long did it take?  Did you each make a side?  Can i make a move?  We spent a total of about 200 hours working on the set, and were thrilled with the results!  We both worked on both sides, though one of us made each set of companion figures (ie I made both wolf bishops on the viking side and gnome king and queen, Jen made both dragon rider knights and the viking king and queen.  We both spent many hours making mushroom and rock monster pawns! We did let people (carefully) play the game both in NY and in Seattle - boy are there are a lot of chess enthusiasts out there!!  Most were thrilled that the set was complete with a chess clock and and a gnome time keeper!

New ideas for new large scale art pieces are always swirling around.....stay tuned....


INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS!!! April 10, 2015 12:52 1 Comment

SO Going Gnome's big news is that we have the first of 4 needle felting instructional videos being released later this month (APRIL 2015)!! The videos are being produced and distributed by F+W Interweave and will be available on, as well as in the Interweave store.  Earlier this year we flew out to Fort Collins Colorado for the video shoot.  We had an amazing time, the crew at Interweave are amazing to work with, it was a blast! The 4 videos are

Mini Gnome
Mini Mushroom House
Owl Babies
Sleeping Fox

The videos are going to be for sale and paired with our kits so you can felt right along with the instructions using our amazing kits.  We will have links to the videos here on our website as soon as they are released so don't forget to check back soon :)

Here are some pictures from our trip out to Fort Collins.......

During filming: Mini Mushroom House

This sweetie was thrilled to be included on the set with her gnome friends

Filming videos is tiring!

All packed up and ready for the trip home.....


needle felting kit collection 2015 January 29, 2015 13:43

Going Gnome is getting a kick start! August 4, 2014 14:58

So, we've enlisted the help of our gnomes to get our kits packed with 100% US materials, and now in 100% US packaging!  We have spent the past few months working hard to improve out great instructions - we've even added photo detail in them!  The new kit design is amazing, but having the packaging made in the US means buying them in large quantity.  The gnomes have launched this Kickstarter project to help us get the tubes here.  Please check it out, share it with your friends, and back us if you can.  You can get some great rewards - just a $25 pledge gets you a brand new, never before sold or seen felting kit - Prickle of Hedgehogs!! 

Kickstarter Going Gnome

Thanks for supporting us!




Where do your gnomes travel? April 17, 2014 12:42 1 Comment

2013 ended with, and 2014 began with our gnomes spending a lot of time on the road exploring new places!
The first big adventure was the trip to Chicago for Vogue Knitting Live!

 We drove out and had an amazing weekend in the windy city with our dear cousin, and introduced so many mid westerners to the art of needle felting! We also got enjoy a trip down memory lane to the place where I was born - South Bend IN! We stopped by our old house, and low and behold the rock that our Dad painted with our initials 30 years ago is still there! The gnomes were excited to check it out.


 We also got to see the amazing walnut forest that our neighbor planted for the future in his retirement - incredible how a forest can grow in 30 years!!! And though we didn't stop, we drove past good old Bonnie Doons Ice Cream!

We also detoured to Niagara Falls on the drive home!

After Chicago it was off to Brooklyn NY for the Renegade Craft Fair. 
It was a great weekend accompanied by a bunch of visitors and some great holiday shopping for us all! 
Some of our shop customers even stopped by to see us :)

We rang in the new year with another trip to NYC for another Vogue Knitting Live!  Vogue New York was a first for us - we were asked to build an art piece for the artists gallery at the event. We created a 4'x4' chess set - Vikings vs. gnomes. It was so well received and was so much fun to create! Check the next blog post for details and more pictures. 

Here is the set mid game:   


With its great success in New York, the Chess set was invited to travel to Vogue Knitting in Seattle! this was a first trip to the west coast for going gnome. We added a few days to the trip to do some exploring on the Olympic peninsula which was breathtaking!


Now we are in high gear getting ready for our spring shows and our next trip to Maryland - This is a great one for us as we get to see so much family while we are there.
We will miss seeing our cousin Jay, as he has set off on his own gnome accompanied journey to thru hike the Appalachian trail from Georgia to Maine! His backpacking gnome friend Winthrop is keeping him company on this amazing 6 month hike.
They have already covered over 200 miles and are hiking strong!
Check out Jay's travel blog and witness his amazing woodland travels!
We are so lucky that our gnomes take us to so many wonderful places and allow us to meet so many amazing people.

So now we want to know - where do your gnomes travel???

New Gnome Photos September 20, 2013 12:46


With all the rain we've had mushrooms were springing up all over the place! what better inspiration for a gnome photo shoot could there be! Here's a few of the shots we got.  We are felting away getting ready for the busy busy show season which begins in (gulp) 2 weeks.  The ever present million dollar question remains - can we make enough stuff? Better get back to the felting, more to come.........

30 Gnomes in 30 Days January 10, 2013 17:16 2 Comments

 What an amazing, record breaking year 2012 was!  We felted our fingers swollen and bloody, our necks and backs ached with fatigue, our right biceps began to resemble one of Popeye’s forearms, and despite not being able to find anything on the internet related to “felting injuries” I’m quite certain I had a severe case of Felter’s Thumb.

2012, June??? June 12, 2012 12:59

Greetings from Going Gnome!  This blog entry has been waiting to be written since January, I am amazed and somewhat horrified to see it is now June!  I had great intentions for posting my thoughts and reflections on 2011 and all that happened for Going Gnome.  Well, now that just seems like old news.....seeing as we're already in full swing with 2012 felting and show season. 

First off how about a shout out to the beloved sheep that provide us with such an amazing substance to work with!! WHoop WHoop! Here are a few I pass everyday when I drive my kids to school, lambing season on a sheep farm is a wonder to behold, with new tiny babies arriving every day:

For my second shout out I'd like to thank my Aunt, Uncle and cousins for hosting us for the weekend of the PA Fairie Festival at Spoutwood Farm!  It was at this event that we debuted Going Gnome's latest new creations: DRAGONS! In a burst of creative inspiration 4 dragons were born and travelled to the Fair and were loved by many:
Give me a " Huzzah!" for 30 pounds of wool not blowing off the top of the car on the return trip from PA.

And my third and final shout out is to my sister and partner in gnome crime - Jennifer!  I can't really begin to describe how amazing it is to have your work (and i use this term loosley since having as much fun as we do it can hardly be called work) be so fullfilling.  We really have more fun than should be allowed, she keeps me inspired, and Going Gnome wouldn't be here without her. 
Next stop: the Stockbridge Arts Festival.....Keep an eye out for more new creations, Melissa

Are you a gnome too? January 5, 2012 11:28 1 Comment

 My daughter wrote this story, and I could immediately see that I was the gnome.....are you a gnome from the "real" world too?

To all those "bad cop" gnomes out there - you are making your princes and princesses nicer people - Keep up the good work! - Melissa

Holiday Shows November 28, 2011 17:00

Busy busy felting.....felted rings, sheep, birds (Jen?), jolly St. Nick, mini gnomes, and much more fresh off the felting pads!  After a few weeks of rebuilding our stock we are ready for some holiday cheer.  This Friday Going Gnome will be together with Soasa designs and Asia Luna at the Bard College Craft Fair in Annandale NY.  Friday December 2 11am - 5pm.
Check out this great blog about the event and see some of the wonderful crafters and artisans that will be there....

Bard College Craft Fair

After we leave Bard on Friday evening we head straight to Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School in Harlemville NY to set up for Saturday's Yuletide Fair.  Saturday December 3 10am-4pm.  This school holiday fair is a truly beautiful and festive occasion, complete with caroling and a gingerbread house gallery that is not to be missed!  Plenty of crafts for the kids (they can make their own stained glass!) and a good time to get a jump on your holiday shopping.

The following weekend finds the Gnomes headed back to CT to the Housatonic Valley Waldorf School's Holiday Handcraft Fair, and then back to good old Great Barrington for the Holiday Stroll on Saturday December 10th!


 But that's not all....Stay tuned for more information about our own last minute holiday BLITZ!  details coming soon........

Back from Rhinebeck... October 19, 2011 20:36 1 Comment

 I only have a moment to spare here, lots of felting to do to get ready for the New England Sheep and Wool Fest in Springfield MA, but I wanted to post a picture that a customer sent us.  This is what she made with our baby owl needle felting kit!

Great Job Ellen and thanks so much for sending us the photo!  This is one of the sweetest baby owls I have ever seen, and what a great idea to use some of the wool in the kit to make a branch, and the catapillar is inspired!  

We'll keep posting pictures if you all keep sending them to us!  Seeing things like this keep us inspired and excited to create more kits :)

Until next time, happy felting, and keep sending us pictures!

Top 10 reasons to own a Gnome: October 12, 2011 11:21

10.Gnomes bring good luck.

9.  Gnomes will help care for your pets (except your cats whom they do not like!)

8.  Gnomes like to party, and if you are lucky might invite you to join them.

7.  Gnomes are a conversation starter (people invariably will ask why on earth you have a gnome in your house!)

6.  Gnomes are good for your yard and garden - if you think you have a “green thumb” think again, and count yourself lucky that you have some Gnomes helping you out!

5.  A Gnome is bound to make you smile (and
really, who doesn’t need more excuses to smile?)

4.  Of all the various types of wee folk, Gnomes are some of the easiest to co-habitate with.

3. There is really no good reason not to own a Gnome.

2. Gnomes are just so darn cute!

1. The #1 reason to own a Gnome - it keeps Going Gnome going!!!

Getting ready for NY Sheep and Wool October 10, 2011 12:42 1 Comment

So here we are, less then a week from the NY Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck NY! 
Saturday October 15th from 10am-5pm and Sunday the 16th from 10am-5pm.
The felting needles are in high gear, our fingers are covered in band aids, and the shop is full to bursting with gnomes, animals, and kits galore!  Jen and I are especially excited for the fair this year as we are debuting Going Gnome, several new kits, new kit packaging, and lots of new felted goods (look for the rock monsters - they are awesome!).  It’s hard to believe it’s just a few days away....

Things we look forward to at the festival every year:

    1. Seeing our booth neighbors (I need to restock on Heal my Hands)
    2. Maple flavored cotton candy - It is white and looks exactly like wool batting - If I had a dollar for every person who sees us eating it and thinks we are eating wool I could go ahead and take early retirement!
    3. Chicken pot pie!  It takes a good hour wait in a VERY long line to get a pot pie, and often they run out before you get one, but they sure are worth it!
    4. The parade of the fair goers woolly finest. You would be hard pressed to find a better sampling of fine knitted, woven, felted, and crochet goods being worn around in one place - it is truly inspiring.
    5. Listening to the sheep bleating, seeing the llama parade, admiring all the wonderful yarns and wool goods for sale are just the icing on the cake!
    6. And last but certainly not least, seeing customers form previous years, hearing about the things they’ve made with our kits and other adventures in felting, and meeting lots of new faces that are as charmed by gnomes as we are!

So, for now I better get back to my felting - 6 mushroom caps are staring me down and wondering when they will get their stems.  I’m so excited for Friday’s set up, and the opening of the fair on Saturday.  If you’ve never been you should really check it out, it is a great event!!!  

Remember to stop by booth T in building 36 - look for the mushroom topped tent - it’s hard to miss....


Hebron Harvest Festival September 15, 2011 19:50

 Jennifer and I recently returned from a weekend of selling our needle felted gnomes and felting kits at the Hebron Harvest Festival in CT.  The fair began on Thursday September 8th.  We arrived at the fairgrounds to find ourselves up to our shins in mud - both inside the tent and out.  Seems the folks of Hebron had been out of power for an entire week from the storms and rain - and boy was it saturated!  Spirits were low as we slogged our goods through the mud.  But by Friday morning things were looking up, we awoke to sunshine and a much more dried out fairground!  

Not to mention a first place win in the Juried Artisan Best in Show competition! Our needle felted gnome house won us a round of applause from our fellow vendors, as well as a ribbon and a $200 prize!  

The weather only got better and better for the rest of the weekend.  

We did a lot of needle felting demonstrations.  This was a great way for people to see and learn about needle felting and even give it a try.  It really excited people to buy our felting kits, and we got some great new gnomes made in the process!

Sales were a bit slow throughout the weekend, but fortunately people were enthusiastic about our gnomes, many claiming they had never seen anything like it.  This is surely one of the wonders of sculptural needle felting, people can not seem to figure out how it happens without sewing! Even after all these years I still find the process miraculous.

The other vendors around us were a great deal of fun to be with - good thing too considering we spent 40+ hours together over the course of the four days.  Our booth neighbor was kind enough to act as a living gnome to further entertain our customers (Thank you Rick of  Common Good Market !)  Saturday proved to be a long day - by hour 13 Jen and I got a little punchy (as the photo below can attest) and practically turned into gnomes ourselves! 


My daughter Grace is still somewhat troubled by the thought of Jen eating her Siberian gnome.

We are back home now in Great Barrington, Off the Beaded Path is open and undergoing some reorganization to make room for all our wool, kits, and gnomes.  We are busily felting away, rebuilding our stock for the CT Renaissance Faire, which we will be guest vending at on the weekends of September 24 & 25, and October 1 & 2.  King Arthur Faire
The wool is flying, the gnomes are multiplying, and I am thinking about making a lava rock monster as requested......


 Until next time - Remember - if you look away from your work stop poking or you’ll end up with holes in your fingers, OUCH, or someone eating your gnome......

Gnome News August 29, 2011 15:35 2 Comments

Welcome to the Going Gnome blog. Here you will receive the latest gnome news, experiences, tips and other exciting edventures. We will keep you updated.  Stay tuned for Gnome News.......