Reflections on 2021 December 30, 2021 11:42

So it seems this is becoming simply an annual blog post.  Maybe my New Years resolution for 2022 will be to post more often......

This second pandemic year had its fair share of ups and downs.  Jennifer and I both started 2021 by getting Covid 19.  It was a terrible, pre-vaccine slog through the worst and longest illness I have ever had.  12 moths later we both have some lingering symptoms, though they are fortunately very mild.  

Going Gnome has had a great year, over the course of which we released over a dozen new kits! We are currently working on getting the final touches done on our upcoming garden club that releases Jan 1 - nothing like leaving things till the last minute! But if you know nothing else about us by now, surely you know how much we seem to thrive under pressure.

A highlight for 2021 was making Fawkes the Phoenix right before Rhinebeck.  This was such a fun project for us, again a mad dash under a ridiculous self imposed time line, but we got her done! I will include some of the process photos here in case you missed it on our Instagram story.  

Here's to hoping I have something to say before 2022 :)

Phoenix process: 

Step 1 - deconstruction and planning


Step 2: Wings


Step 3: obssess over whether it will work and if you can meet the self imposed deadline


Step 4: time to tackle the head, talons, and feathers!



Step 5: I think we're gonna make it!

We had found this really cool wrought iron antique lamp stand just for this project which allowed us to build her around it.  We built a 1/2" PVC pipe into her body that could slide onto the stand and allow her to rest on the "perch"and be so large but stand and be stable.  It was a perfect display piece for her, purchased while she was still in the conceptual phase.  

And she's complete! 

This beauty was one of the best projects we have ever made.  She has flown to her new home and we know she will be happy and cared for there!