New kits for 2020! November 15, 2019 16:36 1 Comment

Our new kits for this year have just been released, and wow! They are selling like hotcakes!!
We thought this years additions, and limited edition kits were a good batch, but had no idea they would be this popular! 

From left to right: Jack Frost (holiday of the year), Cardinals, Large Snowy Owl, Baby Brown Bear,
and Bee Gnome (gnome of the year).

Large snowy Owl and Baby Brown Bear are jumbo kits in a new and even bigger tube,
and come with a 3 needle felting tool! We are hoping to add another owl to this jumbo kit collection next year.  Any requests?

What is interesting about this year's new kits is how well they work together! Jack Frost's
midnight blue jacket and hat look amazing with the red cardinals and the snowy owl! And obviously bears and honey go together......


And speaking of new kits - Our special edition Rhinebeck Gnome was a huge hit! Thank you to all who picked one up at NY Sheep and Wool or preordered in October.  We love coming up with these special gnomes, though making 400 gnome sized knitting needle nearly ruined our fingers - OUCH!!
Next year's Rhinebeck edition is already in the works, so keep and eye out! 

So for now that's it, I'd like to think I might post our news here more frequently than once a year, but alas - I have kits to pack, gnomes to make, and orders to ship! Not to mention Shows and Classes to get to..........