Virtual Fiber Festival 2020

Welcome to Going Gnome's virtual fiber festival.  Since all of our spring shows have been cancelled, we are listing some of our felted goods in this collection, along with 2 brand new felting kits, and our first ever mystery kit club subscription! 

All felted goods in this section are one of a kind, and you will receive the item pictured.  

Our 2 new kits are our limited edition Maryland Gnome 2.0, and our new Frog kit - which will be joining our permanent collection.

Please also take a look at our new Mystery Kit Club! Club members will receive 4 limited edition kits, that correspond with our annual theme! This year's Going Gnome theme is THE ICY ARCTIC! Now more than ever we need to care for our environment. Let's bring awareness to our most endangered ecosystems, our Polar ice caps, by creating some cute wintery figures!  Join the MKC and felt these fun projects all year!