Gnome of the Year Kit - 2024 Limited Edition - NEW!


Our Gnome of the Year Kit  was created in order to share our love for our favorite needle felted wee folk, in all the many variations we dream up. 

This years limited edition gnome is - Gnome tangled! It's hard to tell if this gnome is helping you with your knitting or holding you back! The custom dyed yarn in this kit (each kit includes a hand dyed mini skein), was made in collaboration with Cece's wool, and is aptly named gnome tangled. The colors are deep and rich, and there will be full skeins available so you can knit something for yourself with this gorgeous yarn, just keep your gnomes away from your stash or who know what might happen! This kit is a "choose your own adventure" kit and allows you to choose what colors you want to use for what part of the gnome. 
All of our gnome kits now come with 3 flesh tones - we encourage you to make your gnomes multicultural!

A note about our limited edition kits:
New Going Gnome kits debut in Septemeber.  Please plan accordingly as this is when limited edition kits will also become no longer available.

*This gnome pairs perfectly with our knitting gnome - one gnome might be tangled in the yarn, but the knitter always finds a way......

Skill level: Confident Beginner  (some crafting experience suggested)

This Kit makes: Gnome approximately 5" tall tangled in a ball of yarn

This kit contains the following materials:

  • Grey batting for gnome form
  • Green, brown, and rust batting for clothes
  • Flesh tone batting for face and hands
  • Natural curly locks for beard and hair
  • Mini skein of hand dyed yarn (worsted)
  • 2 38 gauge felting needles
  • Detailed instruction sheet

* You will also need a foam surface to work on.  You can use a piece of upholstery foam, or a large sponge, or purchase one of our foam felting pads.
Foam Felting Pad LG.

kit dimensions 4" x 9"

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