Snowy Owl Kit


Want to take your needle felting to the next level? This large owl kit might be for you! There is so much fun, variety, and challenge to be had when working on a larger project.  Who knows what your owls character might be - wise? stern? jolly? sassy? The possibilities are endless! 

*Pairs great with our snowy owl babies kit - give this mama or papa owl some babies to take care of.

Skill level: Advanced (needle felting experience strongly suggested)

Kit includes:
     Natural batting
     White batting
     Gold, black, and gray batting for eyes, beak, and talons
     2 felting needles
     Detailed instructions

* You will also need a foam surface to work on.  You can use a piece of upholstery foam, or a large sponge, or purchase one of our foam felting pads.
Foam Felting Pad LG.

Recommended Tools: 3 Needle Felting Tool

Kit dimensions  5' x 9"

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