Customer Gallery

Customer Gallery July 28, 2014 15:31

We always ask our customers to send us photos of what they are making.

So we finally got this page set up so you can see what other people are felting. 

Some of these projects come from our kits, while some are purely from imagination. 

We are so grateful to share our love of needle felting with so many wonderful people. 

Keep sending us our photos and we will keep posting them!

(Some of these photos have been collected from so long ago we have lost track of the artists names:

If you recognize your work here, and there is no credit below,

drop us a note so we can fill in the missing pieces of information)


Sheep and Owl Kits: Susan Powers


Turtle, Owl, Bear: Caitlin and Autumn Snyder 

Santa Claus: Lisa Carey


Hedgehogs and mini gnomes: Women's Wellness Weekend

Mini Gnomes: Women's Wellness Weekend


Classic Gnome and Snowy Owl Kits


                                     Mini mushroom House Kit                                     




Original Gnome Kit (earth tones)


Mallard Ducks: Abby Webster

Tweedle Dee: Juli


Owl: Laura Smoot



Dragon: Laura Smoot




Santa Claus Kit: Laura Flower