Protest Gnome


Protestor Gnome 

During this tumultuous time in our county – Going Gnome is both humbled by the work we have before us, and proud to participate in the movement for equity and inclusion for all.  Part of our commitment to equity is to donate money to Black-led organizations.  We will be donating 100% of the proceeds from our Protestor Gnome collection to Multicultural BRIDGE.  BRDIGE is a western MA organization that has been working tirelessly in advocacy, and education for over a decade.  Please visit their website to learn more.  It is important to us that you, our customers know that we stand unequivocally with the Black Lives Matter movement, and we support the current uprising.  We encourage our customers to join us in our financial support of Black organizations and businesses, our own learning, exploration of our biases and  privilege, and how we might work together to dismantle the systems of white supremacy.  Thank you for standing with us.   

One of a kind, solid wool, 100% hand needle felted.  

Dimensions: 5" - 6" tall

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