"Original" Going Gnome


Gnomes are one of the most common types of wee folk, although they originated in Scandinavia and Siberia, they are now found throughout the world. Related to Fairies, Elves, and Sprites, Gnomes closely resemble small humans and are characterized by their large beards and pointed hats.  They bring good luck to your home, and strong growth to your garden – and who doesn’t need some of that!  

*please note: all of our gnomes are one of a kind. These pictures are a sampling of some of our creations. If you have specific requests for clothing colors and or hair/beard color and gender, please include a note with your order or drop us an email and we will try and accommodate your request! Or you can let us surprise you with a gnome.... :) 

You can order our “original” gnome either individually or as a pair (they prefer to have company)

Gnomes average 5” tall


Please allow two weeks for shipment as all “gnomes to go” are made to order specifically for you.

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