12 Gnomes for the Holidays Kit


Going gnome is proud to present our advent calendar of felting kits.  Order this special kit, and make yourself, your tree, or your loved ones a gnome a day for the holidays.  This kit comes with supplies and instructions to make 12 pocket gnomes, it also includes ornament clips and hooks, glue, felting needles and a pad. 

This kit makes 12 pocket gnomes approximately 2-3" tall

Skill level: Beginner (no felting experience needed)

This kit contains the following materials:

Brown wool batting for bodies
Assorted batting for hats 
Assorted curly locks for beards
Assorted flesh tones for noses
3 38 gauge felting needles
Detailed instruction sheets
A small felting pad
Ornament clips and Hooks

Kit dimensions 12" x 8"x 2.5"

What better way to get through this dark time of year then to make some jolly gnomes! Free shipping on this product!!! 

Pre-Orders start November 1st

Limited quantity - order while supplies last! 

**(this kit is not available wholesale)**


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