Leprechaun - MKC 2021


Leprechaun is the 4th and final kit in our 2021 Myths and Legends Mystery Club.
It seems like we could all use some good luck these days, so we are making a limited number of these kits available on St. Patricks day 2022! When they're gone they're gone! Get this sweet kit to make yourself a little good luck charm while you can. 

All of our gnome kits now come with 3 flesh tones - we encourage you to make your gnomes multicultural!

Skill level: Confident Beginner  (some crafting experience suggested)

This Kit makes: Leprechaun gnome and 4 leaf clover approximately 3 inches tall

This kit contains the following materials:

  • Natural wool batting for gnome form
  • Green, brown and black wool batting for clothes
  • Flesh tone batting for face and hands
  • Ginger curly locks for beard and hair
  • Green wool batting for four leaf clover
  • 2 38 gauge felting needles
  • Detailed instruction sheet

* You will also need a foam surface to work on.  You can use a piece of upholstery foam, or a large sponge, or purchase one of our foam felting pads.
Foam Felting Pad LG.

kit dimensions 4" x 9"

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